Young Bigfoot



On a rocky mountain, outcrop staring out to the distant forest and valleys is Young Bigfoot. Eighteen seasons old, standing eight and a half-feet tall, broad shoulders, narrow waist, weighting four hundred and fifty pounds of solid, sinewy muscle. The same instinct that for thousands of years has driven salmon and sea turtles to seek out and return to the beaches and rivers of their origin. That same instinct is raging through Young Bigfoot. He wants to ramble and he’s going to. On a farm eighteen-hundred miles east stands Buck Holbrooks, wind swirling around his feet where crops should be growing. Buck was a good man, he worked as hard as any man could to make a go of the farm his daddy and granddaddy had farmed. He’s watching another wagon train heading west rolled by. It’s 1849 gold, it had been struck in California and folks were looking to strike it rich. It was time, he would tell his wife, Daisy that they were going to head west too, along with their children Penn and Belle. Young Bigfoot is a story about two worlds colliding. Buck’s seventeen-year-old son Penn and Young Bigfoot. Their meeting and their friendship become legendary. It began deep in a forest in the Pacific Northwest and lives on today with the folks that live there.

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