WHO and WHAT IS GOD?: An exciting journey of discovery



The purpose and goals of this book, ‘WHO and WHAT IS GOD’ is to provide a resource to anyone whose ‘eyes and ears’ are being opened by our Father, the Almighty God to learn about Him.

The information in it is not drawn from any religious ideas. It is entirely based on the original manuscripts that make up the Scriptures of the Bible, the instruction manual for human life.

The author is well aware of the fact that all translations of the Bible contain errors and material that is not to be found in the original manuscripts. This is a problem but can be easily overcome by careful study.

The reader will need to pray for an open mind and heart to benefit from the sometimes difficult truths it contains

So how can we learn about ‘Who and What God is?’ Study the Instruction Book God wrote!

The pinnacle of all was the Creation of human beings which they planned, and who were designed ultimately to become God and part of Themselves.

Our Earth was formed to be inhabited by human beings, and as far as we know, there is nowhere else that is.

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