When the Light Switch Went Off


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It’s time to take your life into your own hands and begin healing. This empowering book gently guides you on a journey of personal growth, self-love, happiness, and fulfillment. You don’t need to struggle anymore. Learn to love yourself, heal, and overcome the struggles of the past with this book. “When the Light Switch Went Off” is a must-read for men and women of all backgrounds.

After a break-up, Loren Hernandez had to make drastic changes to her life. Change came from self-realizations that led to growth, a new perception, and increased self-worth. In this book, she shares what can help you – either in a relationship or any other circumstance that warrants healing – much of this she learned the hard way. So, join Loren on this literary journey of becoming who you are meant to be. This wonderfully helpful book will help you love yourself and find yourself.

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