Unraveling: A Collection in Poem and Personal Perception


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Once I started writing, it became an addiction for me. And although I’ve been writing for over 50 years now, this is my very first publication. The feelings and emotions felt for various situations and circumstances unravel throughout this work. Some are very pleasant-canoeing down an early morning river. Some are most unwelcome-children hungering for food and thirsting for love.

All life constantly unwinds…unravels. Nothing can stop it or hold it in check. Many events contribute to its final ending. Within these pages are some of my values, expectations, and priorities, a synopsis of what is good and what is evil. It is intended to allow for wonder to inspire, to make you laugh a little, and to encourage care and concern for others. But also, it will sometimes show the darker side of our presence here on earth.

Human beings have a great responsibility to tend and care for our planet (Genesis 2:15). Sometimes we do, and sometimes we fail miserably. We are the first fruits of God’s creation and have the God-given ability to rule over every other creature. But ability without wisdom and love will inevitably lead to disaster. Just as Jesus was crucified because of envy, greed, hatred, and ignorance, we can also “crucify” the earth God gave us to nourish.

So here is a single voice, spanning over 5 decades, that will continue unraveling until it also comes to rest and eventually will only be remembered by God and by the contents of this tiny book.

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