Trails to and Tales of Sanderson, Texas: The Saga Continues Book 2



This sequel begins where the first book ends. The same locales and characters are still very much involved. However, a few more characters will be trailing into the area from a couple of new geographic locations to keep the action moving. The new characters bring their own unique backgrounds and survival skills. They are good people, friendly, but do not push them.

If you ever wanted to go on a Mountain Lion hunt, this is your chance. But be alert and watch your back. You’ll get acquainted with some good horses, a talented mule, several great dogs and, if I recall correctly, a snake will make an unwanted appearance. Intermixed with all action involving four legged critters and a snake, we’ll have time and for some romance. We can’t have a novel that contains plenty of strong women and good men and not expect to read about some he- in’ and she-in’ or, if you prefer, some she-in’ and he-in’ taking place. (I told you that the Sanderson women are strong.) A fairly large portion of the book goes back to the Civil War and the months following the conflict as a war weary Wilson ancestor journeys back to the family ranch. Enjoy.

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