The Untold Battles of Unsung Heroes



The Air Commando Secret Wars happened mostly during the Vietnam War time frame and was a global effort involving USAF volunteer personnel who were given official military orders which did not necessarily specify the country they served in and civilian clothes was many times authorized. Later they had great difficulty proving that they served in many of these countries which could affect their VA rights. These operations were used to strengthen normally a poor country with little military resources and training with secret warriors frequently being there doing some of their legwork behind the scenes. All the operations were tight lipped frequently forbidden to tell families were you where and what you were doing. As an example when Capt. Bob Simpson’s, the first fighter pilot KIA in Vietnam in Aug 1962, death a totally fabrication of where, why and how and took a number of years before the Government came clean. Secret Wars have a long history and they will continue because of the interest of more powerful nations with their less fortunate brethren.

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