The Truth Shall Make You Free


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How an All-American, Southern Boy and Preacher Became an Atheist

Sam Whitehead was raised in a strict religious family and was a teenage preacher. At age twenty-two he began a forty-year quest of research and reflection to prove that his faith was the one “true” religion and that God was real. He reluctantly came to the conclusion that there is no God and that no religion is true. Staunch believers in God and readers who are trying to find their own truth will find Sam’s journey compelling. It moves from Alabama to Ohio and back to the Deep South in Atlanta. This serious work challenges believers to live up to their creed and reflects the humor in many situations along the way. Sam holds an MBA degree from Georgia State University with a major in finance. He retired from a lengthy and varied career with one of the largest petroleum transportation companies in the world. Most of his work was in human resources management and public affairs.

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