The Silver City Bank Robbery



Setting out on a journey westward with a small wagon train, George Wright uprooted his family from a dirt-poor farm in Ohio. He wasn’t searching for gold or silver like others were; he had a dream of making a better life for his family. Despite the death of his wife during childbirth while on the trip, his dream never swayed, and he was determined to see it through, come hell or high water. George finally settled in a place outside of Silver City, Nevada. With blood, sweat, and tears, he managed to build a solid house for his children. Within a few years, he also had built up a working ranch despite animal attacks, Indian scares, and some unsavory characters. Then he discovered timber and found that it was quite a prosperous business. This business made him a rich man, so he had to go into Silver City more often. While there, he would always stop in at Millie’s Café but not just for the good food. He favored one waitress in particular by the name of Joella Carson. Later on he would become her saving grace, but a future was uncertain when faced with two bank robbers.

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