The Powerful Bully Elk


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The Powerful Bully Elk tells the story of a boy who has a crazy dream, in fact a nightmare, about an elk that chases him through various scenes and bullies him along the way. This tale brings to life the tactics a bully might use in real life. It also highlights two important factors to consider regarding bullying behavior and what sets bullying apart from lower-level conflict.

Readers can relate to the dream experience felt by the boy who has a difficult time running away from the elk as if he has weights attached to his legs. The rapid scene changes also mimic what actually might occur during the course of a dream. This book is a creative way to explore the more serious themes of bullying so that it makes a lasting imprint in the minds of young readers. Bullying is a universal problem. Boys can be bullies! Girls can be bullies! Powerful bull elk can be bullies!

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