The Little Girl Who Became a Giant



This book is based on a true story and accurate historical details. None of the characters are fictional. The story of Joan of Arc unfairly sunk in the mist of history and I want to correct for this anomaly.

What if Joan of Arc had never existed. France would have never been more than a British colony in a vast Empire. The French Revolution would have lost its most powerful symbol in the person of Marianne. The founders of the American Constitution would have never been inspired by the French Philosophers. The decisive support from France that led to the American freedom would have never taken place. As a consequence, our famous American Constitution would have never been written. Lady Liberty would have never existed. All this should be food for thought. We owe much more than ever imaginable, to this young, formidable woman, who was Joan of Arc, as she surely changed the course of humanity during one year of her life, at age seventeen.

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