The Dance of Life



The Dance of Life is a true love story. From young love to old age, the author traces the ups and downs in the lives of two normal, everyday people. Th e twists and turns in “The Dance” focus on Jan’s perception of the events in her life. From the decisions she makes, to the decisions made for her, she has unanswered questions that leave emptiness within her she can’t seem to fi ll. What if? Why? If only!! How many times do we all second guess ourselves? Good choices, bad choices. Often, there are no choices. Jan doesn’t quit until she finds the answers. It is funny, it is sad, it is sexy. But, most of all, it is honest. Writing this book has brought Jim and I even closer. Discussing the questions we both had about our relationship as young people, and how “The Dance” steps were performed without our awareness, have given us much to think about and remember. I hope you enjoy reading “The Dance of Life” as much as I enjoyed putting it on paper.

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