The Ballerina



Tragedy strikes out at Jan Marie at the young age of two, taking her father away who adored her in a cold and rainy night car accident. He was on his way home after buying her a very special birthday gift. It was a beautiful Ballerina doll. In the accident the doll was lost, it had disappeared. Jan Marie’s devoted mother having made a promise to Jan Marie’s father on his dying bed to provide his daughter with the finest education possible, works long hours at different jobs having enrolled her in an exclusive, expensive private school. The rich upper-class students at the school noting that Jan Marie did not dress to their level avoided her, and were deliberately rude toward her. One day, lonely twelve-year-old Jan Marie on her way home from school, decided to walk through an older section of town, and down a street she had never gone through before. As she walked, Jan Marie quickly noticed that the buildings, even the cars parked on the street all looked very old, giving her a strange feeling that she was walking into a street that belonged to a time long past. Then, stopping in front of a toy store window, she felt strongly and mysteriously drawn to a beautiful Ballerina doll prominently displayed. And noting that the doll appeared to be kindly looking straight down at her, this captivating look immediately won her lonely heart, and a relationship began that would change her life forever.

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