The Adventures of Itty Bitty Bunny and the Coyotes



The book is the outgrowth of my early years with my two children, Becky and Scotty. Bedtime always threatened to become chaotic since most of the time no one wanted to go to sleep, even as they were growing more tired and crabby. The solution turned out to be the stories. Hence, I created Itty Bitty bunny. We needed a girl, and since my daughter just started dancing lessons, so Ballerina fit right in. Clever and Cunning coyotes needed to come along to round out the crew. From time to time, one of our dogs filled in as a coyote. The dynamic was mostly the same. Coyotes trying to catch bunnies, who were always a little bit too smart. The stories were very effective at getting the kids to sleep, especially if the storyteller stopped telling the story if anyone was too jumpy or opened their eyes during the telling. Finally, since we now live in the southwest, the desert venue is just right.

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