Temptation Exposed, the I’s Have it: A Journey into the Dark Side




Lucifer, Morning Star’s dominion, even over light

The Cataclysmic Coup d’état birth of “Darkness”

The true meaning of “without form and void”

True meaning of Light and Darkness

Why cast onto the Earth? Why not exiled to the Abyss?

The actual fruit Adam and Eve ate (documented)

Are Devil and Satan one and the same, or different?

How different? What are their functions?

How and is spiritual mind suggestion achieved?

Full chapter of definitions to rapidly unlock truths

What is death’s reality and experience like?

Conquering temptation, recognition principles

How is it that the crucifixion takes sin?

Smoking gun proof: how legal is our sin payment?

Actually, what is sin?

Habit patterns, is my conscience good?

“I” actually what is this I?

How many I’s must I deal with?

Come into light knowledge of “The Dark Side”

Deliberate thought incubation

I’s, eyes open; See

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