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Times were good for Ben and Tommy. The best friends just graduated from elementary school and had an entire summer full of adventures ahead of them. Or so they thought…until Tommy was killed by a drunken driver on his way home from their last day of school. Ben heads into the wilderness alone, grieving, blaming himself for Tommy’s accident, and wondering what happens to people after they die. Walking the path to their tree house, he meets kind and friendly Jonathan, who proves to be a good listener. Ben begins to share his feelings about Tommy’s tragic death with his new friend. Jonathan begins to tell Ben about prayer and explains that God has a plan for everyone. He gives Ben the greatest news he could possibly hear: He will see Tommy again someday, not here, but in Heaven. How does Jonathan know so much about God’s word, the Bible, Heaven, prayer, and guardian angels? Why hasn’t Ben met him before? Could he be a guardian angel sent to help Ben understand his friend’s death and discover God’s love?

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A Born-again Christian and former youth advocate, Dianne Edgett is a wife, mother of 5, grandmother of 14 and counting, and a great grandmother to 5 children. She is a native of Duluth, Minnesota. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education and Special Education. Dianne grew up next to Lake Superior where she learned to swim, and vacationed in the summer on the lake and traveled in her folk’s 43′ boat to Isle Royal and the Apostle Islands as well as Lake Superior’s beautiful beaches, and small towns. An avid bookworm, she would go to the public library and check out a stackful of books to last through every vacation. Almost all of her childhood pictures show her with book in hand sitting on the dock or on a beach.

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