Shopping for Windows 101: Also Includes Over 100 Educational Videos to Watch



Are all window companies liars? Of course not, but there are some that do lie. If I told you that after reading this book you could confidently choose a window company in 20 minutes or less would you believe it? Well it’s true. Hi, my name is Jay Johnson and I’m (The Doin It Right Guy). I’ve been doing window presentations, research, and seminars for over a decade on how to get the relevant information a homeowner needs to make a fair comparison and an educated decision on windows. (If) you know exactly what to look for and what to ask choosing a window company is easy. Gathering tons of information and sitting through long presentations are useless unless you know what’s relevant and why. My book is designed to do the following;

  • How to turn a long worthless presentation into a short meaningful one!
  • How to pick select window companies (in advance) so you’re not wasting time with ones you wouldn’t do business with anyway!
  • How to control the presentation so it benefits (you)!
  • Relevant questions (you) need to ask and why!
  • What (you) need to see and why!
  • How to know which companies have the best windows!
  • Most importantly save you time, money, and frustration!

“Sometimes you have to be willing to prove yourself wrong to see if you are actually right” Jay Johnson

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