Senior Community Health Initiatives



In a sentence, this book is not about the physical health of individual people as much as it is about effective strategies to bring health to the health care system. The medical profession serves the people, and the people appreciate what they do. But the people accept the personal and professional relationships, without recognizing that there is a whole administrative and structural medical system that the population could be actively and legitimately engaged with. Much of the early part of this book is about the out of control and ineffective expense of the medical system. This system has developed over many years in a number of different components, and not well coordinated. Some of the components are such as patient care, (the personal side and the professional side) plus many specialties, medical education, research, public education, and a multitude of other classifications. These are mostly isolated from any influence from the public. What is needed is an association of representatives of the public working in small teams throughout the country. To enable this to happen, we will need to work together with a coordinating office. Most of this book enlarges on this concept to encourage the use of teams, research and talents for the health of the country. The power thus applied could drastically reduce health care costs while increasing health care effectiveness. If after reading this book you would like to join the team, I invite you to contact the author at Please include a note of introduction with your comments.

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