Sandy Rose



The book follows the life of Sandy. It is narrated by her conjoint twin Rose who was sacrificed at birth to save Sandy’s life. This was a decision that her mother would never get over. Part of Rose’s brain stayed tucked away in the back of Sandy’s brain. Rose was always there, seeing every movement and thought, but for the most part, she had very little control. After tragedy tears her family apart, Sandy finds herself abandoned. To keep from being homeless, she marries John, the man next door. Their marriage only lasts two years. On her own, she begins to experiment with sex and drugs. This leads her down a dark path. Along the way, she meets many unusual and interesting characters. This unpredictable path leads to murder. You will experience the mental drama that she endures because of bad decisions one after another. You will have an in-depth perspective to her mental and legal battles. This book is a snippet of parts of today’s society. This drama and thriller will entice many types of readers.

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