Rock Your Stilettos!: Revelations for Living a Successful Life


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Are you struggling to succeed?
Do you ever wonder why you remain stagnant and have a difficult time advancing in life?
Do you want to experience success and live victoriously but have no idea where to start?

If you answered “yes,” Rocking Your Stilettos: Revelations for Living a Successful Life is an ideal resource to make and implement changes in your daily life.

Every woman walks her own path in stilettos specifically designed for her. Although you connect, collaborate, and interact with other women, you may never know what it’s like to walk a day in her stilettos because they are custom-made to her. Everyone encounters challenges and obstacles, yet living a successful life is attainable, but you must ask yourself, “Am I ready to do the work?’”

As a result of life experiences, Lakeytha Clayton has recognized that as we rock our stilettos, we may look amazing on the outside, but inward gratification requires grit, dedication, and resilience. In Rocking Your Stilettos, Lakeytha shares revelations that have been imparted to her through life experiences, prayer, and interactions that have contributed to her success as a woman. Each revelation can be easily applied to any woman’s life, no matter her background. Through these revelations, Lakeytha has learned to perpetually rock her own stilettos, allowing her to live successfully. Application of these revelations has been proven to be effective in experiencing a successful life, so let the journey of rocking your stilettos successfully begin!

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