Raising Frankie: One Family’s Approach to ADHD



As a college student, he was blessed to become a student intern in the Information Technology (IT) department where he continued to increase his computer skills as a part-time computer lab assistant and a computer troubleshooter. These roles pushed his skilled to a brand-new level. “After the internship was over, I followed my instructor everywhere he went so I could learn everything I could. I even stayed after hours to glean from his knowledge.” His instructor told him that he had never met anyone like him before. Someone who was hungry for knowledge. After graduating with a degree in computer science, he was offered a part-time job in the IT department. That job later became full-time.

As a contributing co-author to Raising Frankie, he visited his parents twice a week to proofread and suggest any changes he felt were necessary. They wanted to make sure he was comfortable with every line before it went to publication. Since he has embraced the book, the three of us hope readers will share its content to assist anyone they know who is or have dealt with ADHD.

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