Our Visible God



How do you react to unexpected events in your daily life? Do you panic when devastated, or do you see opportunities for growth? Do personal disasters destroy you, or do they make you stronger? And are your eyes open to behold the wonder and the beauty of life, even as you grieve?

In Our Visible God, author Patricia Aldridge-Hinkle shares her own touching and heartfelt life narrative-a narrative about a very happy woman whose life has been filled with both grief and intense joy and thanksgiving. Her love for God and for others has enabled her to see God’s hand and guidance leading her through tough times with courage and with confidence in her Lord. Through her journey, God teaches her how to praise Him even in her darkest days.

With faith, we can see God revealed both in ordinary and extraordinary situations, and seeing God is not necessarily a supernatural event-though it can be if God chooses to make it one. Most of the time seeing God is an exciting state of mind and an attitude. It can put a smile on our faces and a bounce in our strides as we are led daily into ministry to others, for “blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.” (Matthew 5:8).

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