Operation Revelation



A Teen’s Script to Earth’s Final CurtainArmageddon. Judgement Day. Apocalypse.

You’re curious about the “end times,” but isn’t the Bible’s book of Revelation a little too weird to understand?

Your world is a topsy-turvy mix of social strife, political controversy, natural disasters, and terrorism. It’s easy to feel threatened and anxious about life’s challenges and opportunities.

Yet Revelation provides solid answers to those who choose to look. Authors Calaway and Ledford have managed to tame some of Revelation’s fear factor and provide a fast-paced script to its mysterious character and plot. Still, the meat of the Revelation messages (and hope for the future) comes through.

Note: Designed expressly for the teens themselves, Operation Revelation’s evangelistic appeal makes it ideal not only for teenaged Christian(including those new to the faith) but also any who are seeking spiritual roots. (P.S. The book does include a leader’s guide so that the material can be taught as a youth study if desired.)

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