Oh, Our Fair Ones



A True Story of One Woman`s Faith In God By LaVelle Parratt Holmes

Our Fair Ones is a story of a young girl who has the desire to know who she is, why she exists and if there is anything after this life. She and her husband learn to love the gospel of Jesus Christ. Their testimonies grow of him, but they are met with many challenges. She feels responsible for another woman’s baby’s death. She tells how a trial is an answer to a church leader’s prayer. Experience her feelings of peace when their home burns and there are financial setbacks. Read how others gain strength from her as she battles cancer twice and receives a kidney after 7 years of dialysis. Learn of her dreams and how she receives instruction to do genealogy work in Finland, Czechoslovakia and Bohemia. She also shares encounters with the evil one and how he is rebuked by the power of God. You feel her love for the Savior, her optimistic attitude will bring readers tender emotions as her story unfolds.

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