News from the Holy Land III: The Messiah’s Kingdom



This book is a novel, my imagining as I struggled to comprehend what it would be like on Earth during the millennial kingdom. Each chapter is based on a scriptural prophesy. If you read News from the Holy Land books, I and II, you will recognize most of the characters who were raptured, martyred, or lived through the rise of the Dark Knight and his reign on earth. Sue and Bob Windsor returned to Earth with the armies of raptured believers to fight for Christ in the Battle of Armageddon. They, along with the survivors will serve the king for a thousand years restoring the earth and repopulating it. Did you ever wonder. . . Does anyone on earth die if they are not in the battle of Armageddon? Or, What is heaven like? Or, Who will bury the dead after Armageddon? Or, If God cursed the earth, when does it end? Or, What happens to the Jews who survive? Or, What happens to the martyrs? I think there are answers to those questions in the Bible. Get your copy of News from the HOLY Land III: The Messiah’s Kingdom today to find answers.

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