Mai-Mai (Somali) Dictionary: Mai-Mai to English



Mai-Mai is the most common language in Somalia, and it is the native language of Somalia. It came with a lot of mythological stories, riddles, quotes, plus other Somalian traditions and cultures. Almost all of Somalian understand and speak Mai-Mai. The majority of the Somali Bantu people speak Mai-Mai. It is the best language they can communicate to each other. By the way, Somali Bantu people are the people who left Somalia because of civil war, and also because of Somalia government don’t serve civil rights anymore. However, Mai-Mai written sort of like English and Italian. Some of the words in Mai-Mai used backward compare to English, it’s like Arabic. Most of the words in Mai-Mai used to start any position to speak it out or to write it out; backward or forward. It doesn’t matter, can be use any position and still make sense. Mai-Mai is great language, most people get it fast and communicate with it fast. (

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