Lt. Williams on the Color Front



This novel “LT.Williams on the Color Front” harkens back to the racism and racial segregation in the U.S. Army in the early 1950s in Germany when the Army began racial desegregation efforts. Often, such efforts prompted White-against-Black face-os or virtual white “Color Fronts” of resistance against desegregation. is novel is the tense, action-lled story of Negro Lieutenant Neal Williams’ coming of age as he struggles against the eorts of prejudiced white ocers who scheme to prevent him from succeeding as a newly assigned platoon leader in what has been an all-white infantry regiment.

About the author

Christopher C. Bell Jr. is a black man, a poet, an essayist, a lecturer on racial and ethnicity studies, a Doctor of Education (Boston University Graduate School of Education), and a retired Army major who served as a lieutenant in Germany during the 1950s. He also served in Korea (twice), France (twice), Vietnam, and Ethiopia. These assignments and travels expanded his awareness and sensitivity about peoples and cultures and moved him to write about his experiences. More information about Chris and how to purchase his books is available at his website at

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