Living for Lezlie: A Year of Grief Observed



In November 2015, author Carrie Whitehead lost her youngest child, Lezlie, in a motor vehicle accident. She struggled with every emotion possible and at times felt she could not face the day, let alone anyone in general.

Following the advice of many to put her feelings into words, Whitehead began writing a blog in January 2019. In a series of daily posts, she shared how she dealt with the loss, detailing the process of her grief in real time. Now she has gathered those essays together with the goal of helping others struggling after the loss of a child. Through personal stories and reflections, Bible verses, and enduring expressions of faith, she hopes to convey to grieving parents that what they are feeling is normal and that everyone experiences grief differently.

This personal narrative, formed from a year’s worth of blog posts, presents a mother’s journey through grief after the loss of her youngest child.

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