Eight Pound Cows



Imagine how fun it would be to have pet cows as cute and little as small dogs. Small like Eight Pound Cows!! It would be so fun to wash them in the sink, to teach them tricks, to take them for walks on rhinestone leashes.

About the Author

Dr. Barbara ten Brink bought a twenty- acre ranch-ito in Gruene, Texas (population 20) where she builds fences, hoes cactus, and runs cows. Every weekend, I feel connected to my grandmother, also a farmer. Granny’s reputation, her larger than life persona, her involvement with the entire community, her enthusiasm for work, her philanthropy are models to which I aspire. Working on my acreage, I imagine Clemmie working on her cotton farm. Harvesting mustang grapes, I visualize Clemmie canning preserves, making jellies, putting up stores of black-eyed peas, okra, tomatoes, and other produce she grew on her farm and shared with all of Brownfield, Texas. Every time I work at my ranch-ito, I channel Clemmie. I talk to her, Dear Granny, Have I done enough? Have I worked hard enough? Have I accomplished one-tenth of your humane accomplishments? I aspire to.

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