Decay of Sorrow


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The book begins with a visit to a therapist by the main character, Esme Porcher, which throws her back into the memory of how she got there. She marries her brother-in-law after her older twin sister’s death. Things go awry as her husband’s assistant, Amanda, insists that her husband, Bill, and she were supposed to get married after the death of Esme’s sister, Joanna. Bill tries to make it sound like Amanda is crazy and tells Esme to go to their home. Once she is inside the house, she hears a voice that sounds like her sister. Over the days her sister tries to warn her and show her about Bill and his greedy way. Lies are being shown, Esme ends up being sick like her sister only to survive the sickness. Increasingly Bill becomes more possessive over Esme to the point of killing Amanda. Included in this story is Amanda’s brother, Todd, who helps Esme try to escape her husband’s clutches. Bill, without a signature from Esme in regards to the insurance policy, suddenly forgoes the signature and go all out in attempting to kill Esme just to get her out of the way. Her sister’s ghost, angry at his murderous attempt saves her sister by helping her out of the house before killing Bill in a house explosion. Esme grew from a naive woman into a strong woman full of questions and suspicious of her husband’s lies and situations.
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