Dad’s Journey: The One That Taught Us How to Love


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Dad’s Journey tells the story of one family who rely on each other to endure a life-changing event. When Arnie Kustka became a paraplegic from a blood infection, his life turned upside down. The list of things that he would no longer be able to do grew. The challenges that he needed to overcome increased. Many emotions were felt as Arnie’s health became the family roller coaster, but the family’s determination to give both Arnie and his wife, Shirley, the best life they could possibly have remained constant. The four children did their parts in caring for their parents. Arnie experienced the end of his life from the height of a wheelchair. Even though his legs would no longer work, his sense of humor and love for a good joke were never lost. His journey was not an easy one, but with Shirley by his side, they learned to accept his condition. The family’s faith and love for each other grew stronger, even after Arnie’s passing. They realized that God had a plan for Arnie. Read about the man whose family learned how to love in the midst of a tragedy.
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