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Boyhood Adventures (Second Edition) is a work of historical fiction based on the experiences of three eight-year-old boys living in Texarkana, Arkansas, in 1953. Dennis Williams leads Lee Farmer and Frank Cherry on wild and crazy nocturnal, supernatural exploits worthy of detailing in any personal journal. The main characters react in very different ways to each adventurous sortie. Dennis, the adventure seeker, is relentless in his pursuit of adrenaline. He is bolder than he is bright. Lee has become addicted to excitement and will follow Dennis almost anywhere if it means he doesn’t have to listen to another radio program. Frank is the antithesis of Dennis. While reticent to explore the local graveyard, he thrives on his association with his two friends. Readers of the original version of this book seemed to enjoy it. Some posted reviews saying parts of the story reminded them of a few of their own childhood experiences.

About the Author

Mr. Carter’s writing career began in 1975 at Glendale Community College where he first became a published writer. In 2013, his book, Boyhood Adventures, was published. It is a work of historical fiction based on Mr. Carter’s personal childhood experiences alongside his two best friends, Dennis Williams and Frank Cherry. The story is set in Texarkana, Arkansas, in the year 1953. The tale describes the exploits of the eight-year-old boys as they engage in nocturnal adventures at venues, including a haunted house, a local cemetery, and an abandoned asylum. Each location is reputedly known for supernatural manifestations.

Mr. Carter is currently working on another book entitled “Wings of Valor.” It is a work of historical fiction based on true experiences of men who served as combat helicopter aircrew members in the Republic of South Vietnam between 1966 and 1968. The book details experiences affecting survivor guilt among returning veterans.

Upon publication of “Wings of Valor,” Mr. Carter plans to immerse himself in a project devoid of personal recollection. Despite shifting his creative gears, he is excited to embark upon “The Troubleshooter,” another historical fiction story. Set in wartime Europe in 1942, it describes the pursuit of Nazi war criminals by recent graduates of Camp X in Canada

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