Bear on the Stairs




Losing a child is catastrophic.

A parent becomes an emotional brick.

Life as it was vanished so quick.

“WHY ME? WHY MY CHILD?!” “I feel sick!”

That type of a death is the most tragic!

I once was happy!

Now, I’m heartsick!

There’s a huge knot in my stomach.

My brain’s full of static.

My whole life’s in a panic.

My son and I used to play and frolic.

Now, my good moments are very sporadic.

I’m either hypnotic or quite frantic.

Sometimes, my existence seems so nomadic,

Drifting in and out of life; I feel catatonic.

Years later, I don’t feel as drastic.

I remember good times; it’s almost automatic.

Sadness and grief still appear; for a second it’s toxic.

Then, I go on without being ritualistic or robotic.

I laugh and I cry; it’s quite simplistic.

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