A Tie Between People: Advance Japanese Reader (Multilingual Edition)



A Tie Between People offers advanced students of Japanese a hard-to-find learning resource: lively stories geared to their knowledge level. Designed to challenge and entertain Japanese language students at the intermediate level and higher, the lessons feature Japanese texts, English translations, grammar notes, exercises, and vocabulary. They will enthrall, inform, and make in-depth studying enjoyable. While learning Japanese, you will discover how:

  • a novelist solved the mystery of a missing horse without even seeing it;
  • a Japanese newcomer to an Ainu village learned to talk to townspeople;
  • a foster child left his Japanese orphanage for a fateful destiny in America;
  • a heavenly princess lived among humans but returned to the moon.

Professor and Japanese language expert Seiko Kawakami M ieczkowski has used her two decades of college-level teaching to assemble this collection of stories and lessons. Whether you are a college student or an individual learner, you will find that this reader brings Japan to America, bridging time and distance to give great insight into Japanese language, culture, and history.

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