This book passionately explains the real possibility of a third party taking a third or more of the vote away from the Democrats and Republicans in the 2012 elections. The author lays out a path for victory that captures the feelings of many discontented voters across the country. Even if you are a loyal party member of one of the two major parties, this book is meant to get you thinking and maybe be persuaded to a new way of thinking. The author attempts to stay as non-political as possible for a political book to gain as wide an audience as possible for his arguments. He is attempting to do what Thomas Paine did in early 1776 to push a nation over the tipping point toward a better future for all.

About the Author

Joseph Albert Gorski is a graduate of Rutgers-Newark College of Arts and Sciences with a degree in Business Administration and a minor in Political Science. He has several books full of ideas and concepts to help the citizens of the world. His passion is to break down what divides us and to present useful ideas. He is leading an interesting life, living in three different states in the USA with his family and earning a living both as a businessman and an employee. He is still in a continuous mission seeking for a deeper spiritual understanding of life for him and others.

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